Our blöks in action

Build a floor-to-ceiling wall in an office in an hour!
This software company wanted to separate the noisy sales team from the developers.


Professional builder vs his 10 year old daughter.
Who will win?


Box someone in within 5 minutes!
See how one person solved the problem of a noisy co-worker.


Build an office partition in 5 minutes!
No custom installers required.


Build a privacy wall in less than 2 minutes.
Too small? Make it bigger yourself later on.


Divide a loft in less than 5 minutes.
Need a bit of separation from those you love?


Build a tiny house in a day?
See how one weekend warrior built this in 5 hours with only one tool.


Disassemble and reconfigure it later into something else.
We don't think this is possible with any other load bearing building system.


Tiny house for the homeless.
Built in a day by volunteers in Seattle.


Build the walls for your shop addition in 3 hours.
This is our very first build. We didn't even glue it together and it is rock solid!


Permanent blök wall in an office conference room.
More appealing and less expensive than a traditional wall.

Build a tiny house on a trailer.
Rent it on AirBnB or take it to your favorite campground.