Discover Blӧkalӧks

A modular wall system for every space

Four unique engineered forms make building walls foolproof, efficient and easy—for pretty much anyone.

Have something specific in mind? We can help you create a custom wall, just give us a call.


main shape


side shape


top and bottom shape


corner shape


Blök shapes interlock when they are stacked together to create any size wall or partition.


Make it unique

We offer a variety of surface materials to choose from, see our Shop page for our current offerings. We can finish our blöks with just about any material, or multiple materials, give us a call and we can help put together a custom look.

The core

Each blök has an expanded polystyrene foam core. A standard blök is about 4” thick, depending on which surface material is applied. You can also special order a 2” thick blök for small spaces, or a 7.5” thick blök for heavy duty applications.


Both the standard 4” and 7.5” thick H-blök cores have vertical and horizontal channels for wiring, so an outlet can be placed in the center. Give us a call and we can give you more details.


Raw core edges can be covered with specialized trim pieces. See the shop page for our current material offerings.

Safe and sound

Blöks are specifically engineered to interlock, ensuring maximum strength and stability for standalone walls.

Sound Barrier

Our expanded polystyrene foam cores are rated at an R15 insulative value, for optimal energy efficiency and dampening sound.

Blök Plates

22” steel blök plates added to every other bottom U-blök to provide additional support.