1. Order. Easy to order, affordable, delivered to your door.2. Build. Easy to assemble, no tools necessary, fast, flexible configurations3. Enjoy. Great-looking, strong and sturdy, sound absorbant, easy to reconfigure


The blökalök system was designed for use by almost anyone, with no prior building experience, using only a couple of hand tools, in a fraction of the time as with traditional methods.


Because the design consists of two structural panels which are completely affixed to the inner insulating layer, they are much stronger than traditional stick-frame construction using wooden studs and one panel.  Our system is based on proven technology called SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). Our proprietary interlocking design builds on the strengths of this technology.


Traditional building methods use wooden studs, bricks, or concrete at the core, which are all very thermally conductive.  This facilitates the transfer of heat and cold in and out of your home, requiring your furnace or air conditioner to turn on more frequently to keep the inside at a constant temperature.  With the elimination of thermal bridging the blökalök system will allow you to cut your heating and cooling energy usage in half.

Advantages of the blökalöks building system:

  • Less time required
  • No prior building experience necessary
  • Only a couple of hand-tools needed
  • Much more energy efficient
  • More precise
  • Stronger