World's easiest-to-build wall

This modular wall system enables you to build walls and offices of any size, anywhere, in a matter of minutes. No construction experience necessary. You don’t even need to wear a flannel shirt.

It's so simple

The walls are made of stackable blocks...or as we call them: blöks. And even if you've lopped off a finger, like our founder, you can still count all the shapes on one hand.  








Blöks interlock when they are stacked together to create any size wall or partition. The simplicity of the design allows for any configuration, providing ultimate flexibility to your space. And then a new configuration in a few months when you decide to change it.

Finish pieces

All orders come with trim pieces for the edges and the corners where two walls meet, as well as support stands to prevent tipping. Our cores dampen the sound from the other side of your walls. Leave these off your order if you enjoy hearing office gossip.


Pricing varies from about $18 to $38 per square foot. Compare this with $25 to well over $100 per square foot for traditional office products made from synthetic materials that have the tendency to suck the souls from all who enter. And don't forget the installation fees! They're extra. The middleman has to pay for his kid's college education somehow.