Get stylish room dividers made of quality materials and custom design at an affordable price.

You no longer have to compromise on style.

  • Includes:

    ✓Made in USA

    ✓ 1yr Limited Warranty

    ✓Sound & thermal barrier options

    ✓Multiple Style Options

    ✓ Only 1 Hand Tool Needed (& It's Included in Your Order)

    ✓No damage to permanent fixtures

    ✓Easy to move & change

    ✓Can be built in minutes

  • Includes:

    ✘ You Pay for Installation

    ✘ Long lead times for design, materials, and installation

    ✘ Often requires modification to exisiting facilities

    ✘ Cannot be easily changed or moved

    ✘ Limited, tired design options

    ✘ Limited options

    ✘ Short warranty periods (if any)